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Walkers Garage have been involved in the manufacture and repair of radiators since the early ’80’s. Initially much of the work centred around servicing standard road vehicle units, and indeed this still accounts for a considerable volume of work; however, as word spread amongst the rally and race fraternity that here was an organisation with both the know-how and the interest to design and manufacture specialist cooling devices – orders quickly followed.

Front Mounted Intercooler Kit

Walkers now make a range of water, oil and air cooling radiators for both independent teams and manufacturers. They can of course turn those skills to repairing existing devices – no job being too small or too big to handle.

A typical example of Walkers design expertise can be seen in the combination radiator and intercooler for the Ford Escort WRC. The two units have to be manufactured to precise tolerances to enable the finished products to coincide within the cramped engine bay of the Escort. The finished products are both incredibly light and yet extremely durable – just as you would expect for a World Rally Car.

In the view to the left, the water cooling radiator is masking the smaller intercooler, which sits just in front of the bigger unit, to facilitate maximum cooling for the forced-induction engine.
To the right we see the intercooler positioned in front of the radiator, as seen from the front of the car.

As can be noted below, the tolerance between the two units requires considerable design co-ordination and skill of manufacture.

Amongst a host of other makes which can benefit from Walkers expertise is the WRC Subaru, for

Subaru WRC Intercooler

which the intercooler displayed below was designed.

So be it a standard off-the-shelf radiator, a much needed repair to an existing unit or the bespoke construction for a specialist vehicle, Walkers have the capability and the inspiration to help.

Now for something completely different – a Chrysler PT Cruiser Super Comp drag racer. Eight-Litre,1183bhp at 8700rpm 769 lb.ft at 6700rpm. It will do a standing start quarter mile in 8.9 seconds, and 0-60mph in around 1.2 seconds. If you built a car worth £100,000 which had to cope with that power, wouldn’t you want the best radiator around?